What to Remember When Extending COLORBONDⓇ Fences

COLORBOND fence extensions are popular as it showcases creativity and can maximise privacy and security. However, there are a few considerations you must remember before extending such a type of fence. These include the height of the extension, type of extension, and design. 

Length of the extension

The standard height of a COLORBONDⓇ fence is 1.8 metre which you can extend longer if you wish. Decide about the height of the extension so you can estimate the COLORBONDⓇ fencing prices and work duration.

Ask the fencing specialist about the recommended length of the extension to ensure that it fits well with whatever type of extensions you have. With this, you can achieve better-looking fences.

Colorbond Fence Appearance

Visualise the appearance of the fence afterwards. At this point, your main objective is to maintain and improve the appearance of the fence without ruining its aesthetics.

Do not worry about extending the COLORBONDⓇ as it is designed so you can easily attach an extension. Find out about good fence extenders by researching the web or looking at home improvement magazines. 

Fence Post Design

When extending COLORBONDⓇ fences, the height of the fence post can be an issue as it may not be tall enough to hold the extension. It is recommended that you hire a professional to ensure that the extensions will work .

Additionally, there are different ways of resolving the “fence post” issues. Do not worry about it. Let the fence installer handle it!

The bottom line?

The only way for you to achieve great looking COLORBONDⓇ fences is to let the professionals do their job. Do not play “renovation roulette” on fence extensions to avoid ugly looking fences!

There are a few things to remember when extending COLORBONDⓇ fences which are length of fence extension, appearance, and fence post height, design, type of extender.

Lastly, be creative and innovative in choosing a fence extender!

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