5 Interesting Facts about COLORBONDⓇ

A COLORBOND® fence is a pre-painted steel product which is conformed to Australian Standards. It has an inner base of Zincalume steel coated with a mixture of zinc and aluminium that gives it a corrosive-free feature.

The Zincalume steel comes with a special coating which creates the COLORBOND®️ with the sheets pressed to different makes which make it suitable for fencing. COLORBOND® is made ointo panels, fixing posts, caps, finishing items, and gates, if needed.

Here are 5 known facts about the COLORBONDⓇ:

  1. At least half of new Australian homes are made with COLORBOND® roofing. COLORBOND® products such as roofs, fences, walls, gutters fascia, and carports are featured in 9 out of 10 new Australian homes.
  2. Before COLORBOND®, there was corrugated iron. It was in 1843 when COLORBOND® was discovered.
  3. At least 6 million tons of COLORBONDⓇ have been produced since 1966. The new A$150 million line in Sydney’s Erkshire Park was designed to produce 120,000 tons of COLORBONDⓇ steel a year since 2007 which is enough for 80,000 roofs.
  4. In 1966, there are only 6 available COLORBONDⓇ colours, now there are 22. Check out this COLORBONDⓇ fencing colours  guide to learn more.
  5. COLORBONDⓇ is 100% recyclable.

It is made of recyclable material which is a good choice for the environment. COLORBONDⓇ is a good choice for fencing because it is durable, lightweight, cost-effective and environment-friendly. It is also one of the most popular building materials that is being used in many Australian homes. So, choose COLORBONDⓇ.

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